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Pure Movement Lower Hutt

About Us

Welcome to PURE Movement Gym

The place in Lower Hutt for smart and safe exercise. Fed up with packed gyms where it's all about lifting heavy and running fast, without anyone caring how you do it? We're here with a fresh and better way.

At PURE Movement, our motto is 'Move Right, Live Better'. We know every person is different, and each deserves a workout that fits their body and needs. We pay attention to how you exercise, preventing injuries, and keeping you well. This helps you live a healthier and more active life.

We have different memberships that fit your life and budget, including 24/7 access, personal training and drop-IN guided sessions.


What sets us apart from other gyms? It's how much we care about you as an individual. Here, you're not just one in the crowd. We give every member the attention to make sure your journey to fitness is safe, smart, and matches your goals.

Join PURE Movement today to see a new way of fitness. A way that cares about your health, values your time, and puts your long-term well-being first. We promise you'll feel and see the difference in your workouts and in your day-to-day life.



On site parking

Changing rooms


Towel service


Mobility area

Weight machines

Open floor

HIT area

5 weight racks

Crossfit area

 Coffee machine

Water station

50m turf area


Rowing machine

 Stationery bike


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