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Move Right, Live Better

Goal Orientated Programs

At Pure Movement Lower Hutt, we believe in personalized fitness solutions, not generic classes. We specialize in individual training programs tailored to help you achieve your goals efficiently.


Our services are designed to support you throughout your fitness journey. We offer personalized 1-on-1 training, hyper-focused on your individual goals. For those seeking ongoing guidance, our Drop-In training sessions provide structured support to keep you on track. Additionally, our base gym membership is perfect for those who have gained the knowledge they need and occasionally require a plan update to keep their routine fresh and effective.


At Pure Movement Lower Hutt, all our trainers are certified fitness professionals with extensive expertise in various fitness methodologies. Our team is well-versed in mobility training, concussion recovery, calisthenics, and powerlifting. Whether you're looking to enhance your flexibility, recover from an injury, build strength, or improve overall fitness, we have the perfect trainer to help you achieve your goals

The Gym

Our gym is meticulously structured to provide dedicated areas for specific types of workouts. We offer mobility mats for flexibility training, a variety of machines for muscle building, an open floor with cages for strength work, and a HIIT area for CrossFit-related activities. This specialized setup ensures that you have the ideal environment to focus on and achieve your fitness goals.

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Free Strategy Session

A complimentary NO STRINGS ATTACHED sit down discussion with one of our Movement Coaches to achieve a few things:

  1. Gym Tour

  2. Goal Setting

  3. Functional Movement Screening

  4. Guided Warm Up

  5. Q & A

1 Hour

What Our Members Say

Anna N

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

I have been with Aaron since 2018. He help me train for International sparring tournament and for more recently me Shodan grading. He always has faith in my capacity even if I don't have it myself

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