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Move Right, Live Better

One to One Personal Training

We create exercise routines tailored to your fitness level, goals, and unique needs, ensuring you perform the most effective exercises safely and successfully.

Expert Guidance

Personal trainers design efficient workout routines that optimize time and effort, ensuring that every session is productive and aligns with fitness goals.

Our rainers provide professional instruction on proper exercise techniques, ensuring that workouts are performed safely and effectively to maximize results and prevent injuries.

Whether you have ongoing knee and back issues or just wake up with a stiff neck, we can help.

We believe in doing exercises that are effective, not just doing a lot of them. We use methods that have been proven to work, not passing fads.

With over twenty years of experience, we have a successful history of assisting people in overcoming discomfort and leading healthier, more active lives.

1-to-1 dedicated training

Mobility assesment

Customised training plan

Certified FMS level 2 practicioner

Boost your energy

The Pure Movement Difference

We help you set realistic, achievable goals and provide the support and encouragement needed to reach them.


Session: 1

Strategy Session

  • Find your goals

  • Understand you

  • Movement screening

  • Warmup

  • Your commitment

Session: 2

Your Program

  • We write a bspoke program

  • ​Run through all exercises

  • Build your confidence in the gym

Session: 3-6

Regular sessions

  • You choose the frequency

  • Accountability check-ins

  • Expert guidence

Session: 6+

Goal Reached?

  • Identify progressive goals

  • Program review and update


What Our Members Say

Anna N

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

I have been with Aaron since 2018. He help me train for International sparring tournament and for more recently me Shodan grading. He always has faith in my capacity even if I don't have it myself

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